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Violence Reduction Academy – market engagement event – 12 December 2022

After what’s felt like many weeks of planning, I’m really pleased to say that the Violence Reduction Academy is in motion and there are a couple of key projects taking off before we officially launch next year.

The Violence Reduction Academy is planning to host a market engagement event in mid-December as part of commissioning a new project to explore and evaluate the existing evidence base of violence reduction services within the health and social care sector

We intend to fund an academic partner to undertake a wide-ranging review of current services and interventions and to provide evidence of what works (and what might be missing) in the form of easily accessible and understandable outputs for health and care professionals.

The Violence Reduction Academy aims to establish firm partnerships with wider organisations and institutes to ensure the best evidence is shared widely. With improved understanding of what works and why, the Academy and its partners can promote good practice and advocate for wider service implementation. For example, the evidence we gather and promote could be used to help hospital trusts to use evidence to justify funding for a hospital-based programme, or for a GP service to cite the evidence of social prescribing programmes to justify funding for interventions within primary care. There is a strong sense that the voice of young people and other people affected by violence should resonate throughout the work, and there have been early conversations with our partners in Peer Power to ensure that such a relationship can be embedded from the outset.

The market engagement event is an opportunity for the Violence Reduction Academy to socialise our aims and objectives with the academic community and clinical experts and will be one of the final stages before we welcome applications for funding from interested academic partners. We hope to build a wider network of interested Violence Reduction Academy stakeholders and will send invitations to join our stakeholder group in due course.

If you are interested in attending the market engagement event, please register your interest by emailing england.violencereduction@nhs.net

The academic partnership is likely to launch in Spring 2023.

In other news, the Academy is developing an online space that we hope will be an easy to access resource for learning and development around violence reduction. Accessibility is a key term we have used while planning what we want the website to achieve. We are being ambitious in the range of resources we hope to offer, and we aim to have a first version of the website available early next year.

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