Reviewing the London Vanguards

The National Health & Justice team and the London Violence Reduction programme recently held a series of annual reviews with the London Vanguards. These were held in person, hosted by each Vanguard at venues within their ICSs. The purpose of the annual reviews was for the Vanguards to reflect on their progress since launch, including successes and challenges they experienced in the delivery of this new model of care. The annual reviews also provided a helpful stocktake on how the Framework for Integrated Care Community is being implemented across the three London Vanguards, including learning for future sustainability of the model.

The annual reviews provided an opportunity for the Vanguards to showcase the impact they have made so far working together with their local delivery partners. Case studies highlighting how vulnerable young people are supported through the programme were also shared. Overall, it was very positive to hear directly from the community workforce and to see evidence of a strong commitment to genuinely involve young people in their own services.

Emerging themes and challenges

A thematic analysis of the annual review will be made available for all vanguards in the summer of 2023.

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