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Peer Power Youth presents at Violence Reduction Academy Launch

Peer Power Youth were delighted to attend and support the launch of the London Violence Reduction Academy. The Young Partners thought it was rewarding to be part of an event where we were young people were given an opportunity, not only to attend but to be heard.

Our young people are passionate about using their experience in a positive and powerful way to improve NHS services. We are able to make that a reality through our work with the NHS London Violence Reduction Programme and we are now looking forward to working with the Violence Reduction Academy.

Rico and Rose, Peer Power Youth, Young Partners, presented at the launch. They outlined the important role they have in ensuring young people’s voices are embedded in the programme. Their personal experience of health and care is helping them make an impactful change in reducing health inequalities through their youth voice.

Through the NHS London Violence Reduction Programme, Rico and Rose have both have led on workshops and conferences and have brought voice of young people to health professionals in London.

We welcome the Violence Reduction Academy recognising the importance of embedding youth voice, their stories, expertise, and experiences to impact change.

Rico, Peer Power Youth, Young Partner, who presented at the launch, said:

“The Violence Reduction Programme has changed my mindset. Before I joined Peer Power Youth, I didn’t have that much trust in the NHS. I didn’t want to ask for help, and I didn’t know how I would raise a complaint. And now I do.

Being part of the Violence Reduction programme, I’ve realised how powerful the programme is, and how many lives it can improve, from all different walks of life.

Peer Power Youth is an empathy-led charity. We work alongside young people who have experienced injustice, inequalities, trauma and childhood adversity. We work to heal trauma and adversity through empathy & caring relationships. We then support young people to use their lived experience voice to make change happen for others.

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