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NHS Violence Reduction Academy Learning Event

On Thursday 1st February, the Violence Reduction Academy, hosted by the NHS London Violence Reduction Programme, held its first virtual learning event via webinar– An Introduction to a Health-Based Approach to Reducing Violence in Communities.

The event was moderated by Martin P Griffiths, Clinical Director for Violence Reduction at NHS England (London) and Consultant Trauma and Vascular Surgeon at the Royal London Hospital. It was attended by almost 200 health and care professionals across all levels and roles who heard the following talks:

  • The role healthcare plays in the reduction of violence and what impact this has on communities – Michael Carver, Clinical Lead for the Violence Reduction Academy, NHS England (London) and Luke Billingham, Youth Worker and Researcher – The Open University
  • How to use a trauma-informed approach to support people affected by violence – Clare Bingham, Violence Reduction Clinical Lead for Mental Health and Tee Rexhepi-Johansson, Clinical Psychology Lead for King’s Major Trauma
  • Personal experiences of accessing and delivering health-led violence reduction services – Sanchez Smith, NCL Vanguard Caseworker and Liam, Young Expert by Experience

A recording of the event will be edited into a learning resource which will be available on the Violence Reduction Academy website in the coming weeks.

The NHS Violence Reduction Academy was launched earlier in 2023 with the aim of establishing an evidence base to inform and promote delivery of sustainable violence reduction initiatives for London. A key objective is to synthesise the evidence for health and social care systems, supporting them to embed violence reduction models into local practice.

The Violence Reduction Academy has partnered with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) to develop our understanding of the evidence and enable shared learning across the NHS and wider.

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