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London Vanguards – Making Progress

Three Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) were selected after a competitive process to pilot the London Vanguard model in their areas based on their local needs – North Central London, North East London and South East London.

In North Central London the Vanguard has supported 50 young people across Haringey and Enfield, with mobilisation imminent for Islington, Camden, and Barnet. The services in Haringey are fully embedded in the community using various sites for interventions. The team in Haringey has so far delivered case management/trauma informed training to two local youth centres, a local school, the Integrated Gangs Unit (IGU) and the youth justice service. The Vanguard is also linking in with agencies to ensure there is co-ordination with other initiatives, also to enable pathways for young people to access Vanguard services from custody suites.

In North East London the Vanguard has supported 29 young people since mobilising, working closely with voluntary and community sector (VCS) and local authority partners to deliver interventions. Outcomes achieved to date include improved school attendance, improved family functioning, improved behaviour and an overall reduction in risks. Key partners continue to engage with the community to better understand what support young people need. The Vanguard will also be working in partnership with two voluntary and community sector organisations to deliver bespoke support for parents and carers. 

In South East London the Vanguard is mobilising delivery plans across their 6 boroughs.

The Vanguard has been successful in recruiting to key posts and partnership arrangements are in place. Delivery of the Vanguard preventative service offer is due to commence this September and intervention services later this year. The Vanguard has also been working with partners to map pathways and establish clear referral routes for young people who are identified.

To support the improvement and future sustainability of the model, an independent evaluation will be undertaken. The Independent Evaluation is planned to commence at the end of November 2022, following the completion of a procurement process. The evaluation is expected to be completed in September 2024 when the London Vanguard Pilot ends. The evaluation team will work with Vanguards to understand the delivery of the model across each borough and their impact on children, young people, and their parents/carers.

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