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Introducing Peer Power

Peer Power is a collective of young people and adults of lived and learned experience, working together to find power and positivity in their stories. Together they are creating change across the health, justice, and social care sectors.

Their vision is that empathy-led services and systems support ALL children, teenagers, and young adults to achieve their dreams and lead their best lives.

Their mission is to be a caring support network for young people, helping to change their lives through trusted, healthy relationships. Peer Power empowers them to positively change the lives of others and bring more empathy into the services that are designed to help them.

Peer Power Experts (NHS London Violence Reduction Programme)

Peer Power Experts are part of developing a pan-London meaningful involvement mechanism that will shape and influence how the NHS can support violence reduction and better identify and improve services to support those who are impacted by violence.

Download Peer Power’s Tips for Digital Inclusion and their Voice and Influence Charter.

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