Issue 6-04

Information Sharing to Tackle Violence

Most patients who present to Emergency Departments (EDs) with violence-related injuries do not report the violence to police. This means our EDs have access to unique information about the hidden level and nature of violence, and the places where violence is prevalent. By recording this information, ED staff become advocates for violence reduction and prevention. This information equips our partners to develop and implement violence reduction strategies and local prevention measures, ultimately building safer communities, improving health and social outcomes, and saving lives.

ISTV is part of health the data required by ICBs to collect in order to build up a true picture of violence in London. That picture will help in our efforts to reduce serious violence in London.

Adam Woodgate, and Vicki Golden from the NHS London Violence Reduction Programme have created a 5-minute presentation about how you can help share information to tackle violence. Please take a look and share in your workplace.

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