Violence against women and girls (VAWG)

On the 25th November. the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, NHSE London Safeguarding team, (in partnership with the Mayor of London), hosted a conference to kickstart 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. The day was chaired by Susan Bookbinder, a national broadcaster and lifelong advocate against violence against women and girls.

Using public health principles to reduce violence in London?

Hello, my name is Corinne Clarkson and I joined the NHS Violence Reduction programme last summer as a public health specialist after 15yrs as a community midwife most recently working with families traumatised by their experiences of domestic, sexual, wartime, torture and trafficking related violence. In clinical practice I saw how the impact ripples spread from each experience of violence through people’s mental health, intimate relationships, family functioning and expectations of the world. Trauma and violence are intertwined with each able to cause the other – and I am proud to now work on a programme which aims to break that cycle and reduce violence in our city.

The NHS London Violence Reduction Programme is supporting YourStance to recruit a volunteer network of healthcare professionals

The NHS London Violence Reduction Programme is supporting YourStance to recruit a volunteer network of healthcare professionals to teach haemorrhage control and basic life support skills to young Londoners to help tackle serious youth violence in local communities. We have supported Yourstance with their expansion across London boroughs from 2021. Yourstance is just one of the organisations we hope to work with in 2023 to support impact across communities in London. Here we interview YourStance Co-Director Helen Ormrod.

16 days Activism against Gender-Based Violence: An NHS Violence Reduction Outreach programme response to tackling violence against girls and young women

I am a Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant and Clinical Lead for the In-Hospital Violence Reduction programme at the Evelina Children’s Hospital, London.
In September 2022, I joined the NHS Violence Reduction Programme as the Clinical Lead for Outreach. This is a fantastic, dynamic and innovative team, passionate about reducing health inequalities and improving well-being through supporting communities to access NHS violence reduction programmes across London.

Introducing Peer Power

Peer Power is a collective of young people and adults of lived and learned experience, working together to find power and positivity in their stories. Together they are creating change across the health, justice, and social care sectors.

Michael Carver on Violence Reduction

Violence in one form or another is rarely out of newspaper headlines or our social media feeds. We have all become used to seeing a school photo staring back at us – ‘Cut short’ reads the headline, or ‘Stabbed on his way to school.’ That smiling photo of a boy in his uniform becomes a moment frozen in time that friends or family will never be able to recover from.

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