Claire Bingham - Clinical Lead for Mental Health

Hello, my name is Clare Bingham, and I am the Clinical Lead for Mental Health for the London Violence Reduction Programme. I am a Clinical Psychologist by training and have a background working in forensic mental health services in the NHS. Most of my experience has been working with people who have been convicted of violence and I have a particular interest in how mental health services can be made more accessible for people at risk of acting violently, in order to facilitate early intervention and prevent harm.

Michael Carver - Clinical Lead for the London Violence Reduction Academy

Hello, I’m Michael Carver, a clinical research fellow at the Centre for Trauma Sciences, QMUL, where I am studying for a doctorate in violence reduction. I have worked in the Emergency Department at The Royal London Hospital since 2012 as a nurse. After helping to develop an implementation guide for hospital-based violence reduction over the last two years, I was appointed as Clinical Lead for the Violence Reduction Academy, where I hope to support the NHS in building a widely accessible repository of research and evidence-based practice for NHS professionals and outside organisations alike. Developing new and effective ways of preventing violence is something I’m incredibly passionate about.

Kate O’Loughlin – Clinical Lead for Outreach

Hello, I am Kate O’Loughlin and I work as a Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant at the Evelina Children’s Hospital. I am the Outreach Clinical Lead at the NHS Violence Reduction Programme. I have a professional investment in promoting a social prescribing approach to early intervention for violence and exploitation; linking with community organisations to create meaningful positive change for young people. A strong area of interest of mine is in violence and exploitation experienced by girls and young women and in developing a gendered approach to violence reduction initiatives.

Adam Woodgate – Clinical Lead for Data Intelligence

Hello, I am Adam Woodgate, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Clinical Lead Adult Emergency Department (ED) at the Royal London Hospital, Consultant with Physician Response Unit (London’s Air Ambulance). Since 2019 I have led the Data and Intelligence Workstream for the Violence Reduction project and have been involved in ED assault data since 2010. Although I provide clinical care to the effects of interpersonal violence both in the ED and in the community, I know it is vitally important that the NHS can quantify this work, which bits of the system are involved in it, understand local and regional population data, assist our local partners and monitor the impact of any programme we deliver.

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