March 2023

Together for London’s Children

Our Clinical Director, Martin Griffiths OBE, gave the keynote speech at Together for London’s Children, a Summit arranged by The London Innovation and Improvement Alliance, on 9 February, held in the Guildhall. This was a packed meeting with senior leaders and councillors from local government, NHS organisations, Ofstead, MOPAC and many others.

The Darzi Fellowship is an academic programme

The Darzi Fellowship is an academic programme supporting Fellows to lead a live piece of systems change work- the “Darzi Challenge”. My Darzi Challenge is to improve the anonymised data shared by London’s 28 Emergency Departments regarding assault related presentations through Information Sharing to Tackle Violence (ISTV). Information Sharing to Tackle Violence – London Datastore.

Information Sharing to Tackle Violence

Most patients who present to Emergency Departments (EDs) with violence-related injuries do not report the violence to police. This means our EDs have access to unique information about the hidden level and nature of violence, and the places where violence is prevalent. By recording this information, ED staff become advocates for violence reduction and prevention. This information equips our partners to develop and implement violence reduction strategies and local prevention measures, ultimately building safer communities, improving health and social outcomes, and saving lives.

Violence Reduction e-Learning Resource

Last spring, the London Violence Reduction Programme (in collaboration with Health Education England) launched an e-learning module on the role of health in reducing and preventing serious youth violence. The below graphic provides a summary of how the resource has been received by health and care professionals to date. Please continue to promote and share the resource across local networks.

Why Women’s International Day is Significant

The 2023 global theme of International Women’s Day (IWD), Embrace Equity, is important to our work at The NHS London Violence Reduction Programme. It reminds us that preventing violence is a key element to achieving health equality in our communities across London. However, importantly recognising the role of women in helping to achieve our goals must be acknowledged.

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